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Mobocracy update

The restaurant owners (see ambiv’s post, below) are fighting back, but it’s clearly a losing battle. In front of each of the restaurants now hangs a protest banner, white with black characters: “High Honesty Supermarket, give back our blood-sweat money!” … Continue reading

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Mobocracy, with Chinese characteristics

China is still nominally a socialist country, and still definitely an authoritarian state. But its economy thrives as a result of market reforms and an opening-up to foreign investment. Over $60 billion in foreign direct investment was spent here last … Continue reading

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End of the China bubble?

It was bound to happen, of course. The irrational exuberance about ‘China’s Century‘ has begun to abate. The New York Times has given extensive coverage to the problems of China’s legal system and government corruption, and these same two themes … Continue reading

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US housing prices in historical perspective

The Economist’s View features this look at a paper by Irrational Exuberance author Robert Shiller. Shiller has constructed a series of data on US housing prices going back to 1890. The resulting graph clearly shows that something out of the … Continue reading

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