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Especially relating to US-China relationships, but encompassing other parts of the world as well.

Cost-of-war counter

I would have posted this over on Lumpenlogogracy, but for some reason I’m having trouble signing in there. I happened across this site this afternoon that counts the cost to US taxpayers of the war in Iraq and calculates for … Continue reading

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My Nuclear Winter

In a previous post, I gave a bit of my personal Cold War history, and argued (quietly) that despite the end of the Cold War, nuclear weapons still posed a greater threat to this country (and the world) than terrorism, … Continue reading

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My Nuclear Winter (Prologue)

I have been thinking recently, for reasons I can’t quite identify, about nuclear weapons. Perhaps it’s because, as this website points out, of the way some Christmas decorations resemble MIRV warheads. Perhaps it’s also the beginning of a new year … Continue reading

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