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The States of the Union

From the New Economist blog, I learned about this interesting website, the State of the Union, at which you can read the text of every presidential State of the Union address, from G.W. in 1790 to G.W.B. in 2006. The … Continue reading

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Mobocracy update

The restaurant owners (see ambiv’s post, below) are fighting back, but it’s clearly a losing battle. In front of each of the restaurants now hangs a protest banner, white with black characters: “High Honesty Supermarket, give back our blood-sweat money!” … Continue reading

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Cost-of-war counter

I would have posted this over on Lumpenlogogracy, but for some reason I’m having trouble signing in there. I happened across this site this afternoon that counts the cost to US taxpayers of the war in Iraq and calculates for … Continue reading

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Stickin’ it to the chickens

I’ve been thinking we ought to look into doing some volunteering during our time here in China, and I think I’ve found the project. The New York Times reports today that the Chinese government plans to vaccinate– yes, vaccinate— all … Continue reading

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