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New Sonja videos

Because the video files take up so much space on the server, I’ve begun a YouTube account to upload the new ones. The quality suffers, and you can’t download the videos easily, alas. But if there are videos you’d like … Continue reading

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C’mon, Tuesday…

I can’t wait for tomorrow to be over. According to the pollster geniuses at, McCain’s chances of winning the election are now at an all-time-low 1.9%. Obama stands a fair chance of winning North Carolina (yay!), and could even … Continue reading

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Woo hoo–Underemployment!

After two and a half long months of searching for a job, I have finally landed one, at the NCSU Library. Starting on the 27th, I’ll be an administrative assistant in the Digital Collections department. This will be basically a … Continue reading

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Latest Sonja pictures

Sonja just passed her six-month birthday. I’ve posted a small collection of photos and movies at the Image Mine in commemoration. At her latest checkup at the pediatrician’s, Sonja continued to wow the medical establishment with her sheer normalcy, demonstrating … Continue reading

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New photos up!

I just posted a set of photos from our last days in Philadelphia, and our first days here in Raleigh. It includes a couple movies of Sonja enjoying some of her first solid food.

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