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May through June 2010


26 files, last one added on Jun 29, 2010
Album viewed 112 times

Jan thru April 2010


Photos from visits by EB and Oma and Opa, Sonja's second birthday, and lots of other stuff from the first four months of 2010.

39 files, last one added on Apr 29, 2010
Album viewed 196 times

Greats of Florida


A brief visit to Florida to see Sonja's Great Grandparents

30 files, last one added on Jan 24, 2010
Album viewed 107 times

Hammonds visit our new home


A slightly-after-the-holidays holiday visit--the first time the Hammonds had seen our new house.

23 files, last one added on Jan 24, 2010
Album viewed 108 times

Fall 09 Visits


Visits from Rowan, Beckett, Oma and Opa, plus some stunt bike riding and other stuff.

32 files, last one added on Dec 17, 2009
Album viewed 105 times

Phone Pics


Pictures taken with a cell phone camera, not very well organized or labeled, but from the summer and fall of 2009.

22 files, last one added on Dec 17, 2009
Album viewed 106 times

New House


Photos from our new house and EB's wedding in Denver.

26 files, last one added on Nov 01, 2009
Album viewed 108 times

Last Days in the Apartment


The last days in our apartment.

35 files, last one added on Oct 26, 2009
Album viewed 105 times

More Idaho Summer


More pictures from summer vacation in Idaho.

34 files, last one added on Nov 01, 2009
Album viewed 105 times

Idaho in the Summer


Photos from Hilary's first visit to Idaho in the summer.

37 files, last one added on Oct 26, 2009
Album viewed 193 times

Up to and over 1 year old


The transition to toddlerdom, in all its frenetic glory.

32 files, last one added on May 12, 2009
Album viewed 108 times



The Grand-Hammonds, the Joanna-and-Barretts, some environmental historians and others stopped by, or allowed us to stop by.

35 files, last one added on May 12, 2009
Album viewed 106 times

NC to ID to NC


Pictures from Sonja's first trip to the beach, her first trip to snowy Idaho, and her return to spring-like weather in Raleigh.

50 files, last one added on Feb 16, 2009
Album viewed 173 times

Sonja 7-8 months


The latest from Sonja-world

43 files, last one added on Dec 30, 2008
Album viewed 174 times

Sonja circa six months


Some shots (and a couple of movies) of Sonja sitting up, lying down, grabbing for things, and sticking her tongue out. But not necessarily in that order.

12 files, last one added on Oct 08, 2008
Album viewed 105 times

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Random files
Babi, Hilary, and the Acropolis44 viewsAs seen from our hotel balcony in Athens.mudmine
Minh Mang's sepulchre, I think49 viewsMinh Mang ruled from 1820-1840.mudmine
14 viewsmudmine
Yu Garden goldfish41 viewsmudmine
Clive and a Zhang Yimou movie42 viewsGood movie; great cat. mudmine
A museum we almost saw42 viewsThis museum, at the northern end of Fira town on Santorini, was supposed to have a neat museum with full reproductions of all the Minoan frescoes discovered on the island. Too bad it didn't open until May.mudmine
68 viewsmudmine
Dinner at the Nine-Headed Bird71 viewsA popular chain of restaurants in Beijing, serving food characteristic of Hubei province. In the rest of China, "nine-headed bird" is pejorative slang for a person from Hubei, but IN Hubei (located in central China) it's used to describe people who are strong-willed in a good way.mudmine
Jinshi stele31 viewsThese stele are inscribed with the names of jinshi (that is, candidates who passed the highest level of civil service exam) through the ages, in the order of their exam results.mudmine
Sonja's first baseball game72 viewsIn retrospect, it was probably not a good idea to take Sonja to a Phillies game. I didn't think about a baseball game being too loud. But with all the amplified music, and two home runs from Jimmy Rollins, it was a little much for Sonja. Eventually, though, she settled down and made it to the last out. mudmine
Entry #10, Building #176 viewsHere is the entry way to our apartment--the last set of doors on the south end of the building.mudmine
Hilary takes a breather35 viewsmudmine

Last additions
Sonja and mom, relaxing in the den196 viewsmudmineJun 29, 2010
Sonja puts on some lip balm181 viewsmudmineJun 29, 2010
Sonja and Beckett at snack time181 viewsmudmineJun 29, 2010
Bath goggles, version 1.0179 viewsThese are actually Hilary's swim goggles. They proved ineffective, so Sonja got her own pair later.mudmineJun 29, 2010
Beckett helps Sonja put on her bib177 viewsmudmineJun 29, 2010
Sonja in hat and mittens171 viewsFor some reason--perhaps the 90-degree weather--hat and mittens are a popular play costume these days. mudmineJun 29, 2010
Another smile for the camera162 viewsHow's this, paparazzo?mudmineJun 29, 2010
Sonja enjoying a snack at her table169 viewsmudmineJun 29, 2010
Joanna and the toddlers169 viewsmudmineJun 29, 2010
Joanna and Rowan163 viewsmudmineJun 29, 2010
Checking out the otters150 viewsmudmineJun 29, 2010
Examining a giant stone egg165 viewsmudmineJun 29, 2010

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Wedding PicturesEverthing nuptial from Philly to Denver.
Philly WeddingThe actual, legal, official, relatively low-rent marriage ceremony at City Hall, and various social events ensuing.
Denver WRPAThe Wedding-Related Program Activities at Boettcher Mountain, and associated program activities.
Life in Beijing
Beijing SightsPlaces we have visited in and around Beijing.
Beyond BeijingTrips to China and elsewhere from earlier this year, and from earlier in our lives.
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PhiladelphiaPictures of our former city, its environs, and friends therein.
Historical DocumentsPictures of us before we knew each other.
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