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May through June 2010


26 files, last one added on Jun 29, 2010
Album viewed 82 times

Jan thru April 2010


Photos from visits by EB and Oma and Opa, Sonja's second birthday, and lots of other stuff from the first four months of 2010.

39 files, last one added on Apr 29, 2010
Album viewed 121 times

Greats of Florida


A brief visit to Florida to see Sonja's Great Grandparents

30 files, last one added on Jan 24, 2010
Album viewed 78 times

Hammonds visit our new home


A slightly-after-the-holidays holiday visit--the first time the Hammonds had seen our new house.

23 files, last one added on Jan 24, 2010
Album viewed 76 times

Fall 09 Visits


Visits from Rowan, Beckett, Oma and Opa, plus some stunt bike riding and other stuff.

32 files, last one added on Dec 17, 2009
Album viewed 77 times

Phone Pics


Pictures taken with a cell phone camera, not very well organized or labeled, but from the summer and fall of 2009.

22 files, last one added on Dec 17, 2009
Album viewed 76 times

New House


Photos from our new house and EB's wedding in Denver.

26 files, last one added on Nov 01, 2009
Album viewed 78 times

Last Days in the Apartment


The last days in our apartment.

35 files, last one added on Oct 26, 2009
Album viewed 75 times

More Idaho Summer


More pictures from summer vacation in Idaho.

34 files, last one added on Nov 01, 2009
Album viewed 76 times

Idaho in the Summer


Photos from Hilary's first visit to Idaho in the summer.

37 files, last one added on Oct 26, 2009
Album viewed 119 times

Up to and over 1 year old


The transition to toddlerdom, in all its frenetic glory.

32 files, last one added on May 12, 2009
Album viewed 78 times



The Grand-Hammonds, the Joanna-and-Barretts, some environmental historians and others stopped by, or allowed us to stop by.

35 files, last one added on May 12, 2009
Album viewed 75 times

NC to ID to NC


Pictures from Sonja's first trip to the beach, her first trip to snowy Idaho, and her return to spring-like weather in Raleigh.

50 files, last one added on Feb 16, 2009
Album viewed 100 times

Sonja 7-8 months


The latest from Sonja-world

43 files, last one added on Dec 30, 2008
Album viewed 100 times

Sonja circa six months


Some shots (and a couple of movies) of Sonja sitting up, lying down, grabbing for things, and sticking her tongue out. But not necessarily in that order.

12 files, last one added on Oct 08, 2008
Album viewed 75 times

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Random files
54 viewsmudmine
Watchtower32 viewsAt one corner of Pingyao's city wallmudmine
Chestnut salesman49 viewsOn the same busy street as the cotton candy seller and the puppy seller.mudmine
36 viewsmudmine
Legal notice on closed gates of High Honesty Supermarket plaza28 viewsmudmine
The marquess of Dai's heart61 viewsWhen her coffin was excavated in the early '70s, the marquess of Dai's body was found to be in incredibly good condition, hair preserved and fingerprint lines still visible. So a team of top-notch doctors autopsied the 2000-year-old body and discovered that the marquess suffered a long list of small health problems-- but what killed her was probably heart failure. Here is probably the oldest heart you've ever seen.mudmine
22 viewsmudmine
Sonja in the warmer59 viewsmudmine
Jeremy, Hilary, and Babi take a break at the Ancient Observatory36 viewsAncient Observatory courtyard, Beijing, April 2006.mudmine
The Great Wall29 viewsAt Jinshanlingmudmine
the result of self portrait52 viewsmudmine
37 viewsAnother exhibit in one of the little local museums, this one less beneficial to one's health. We went into a couple of these little museums, and in places they felt like exhibits of what the owners of the house had found in their backyards or attics.mudmine

Last additions
Sonja and mom, relaxing in the den182 viewsmudmineJun 29, 2010
Sonja puts on some lip balm169 viewsmudmineJun 29, 2010
Sonja and Beckett at snack time171 viewsmudmineJun 29, 2010
Bath goggles, version 1.0169 viewsThese are actually Hilary's swim goggles. They proved ineffective, so Sonja got her own pair later.mudmineJun 29, 2010
Beckett helps Sonja put on her bib167 viewsmudmineJun 29, 2010
Sonja in hat and mittens160 viewsFor some reason--perhaps the 90-degree weather--hat and mittens are a popular play costume these days. mudmineJun 29, 2010
Another smile for the camera152 viewsHow's this, paparazzo?mudmineJun 29, 2010
Sonja enjoying a snack at her table159 viewsmudmineJun 29, 2010
Joanna and the toddlers159 viewsmudmineJun 29, 2010
Joanna and Rowan153 viewsmudmineJun 29, 2010
Checking out the otters142 viewsmudmineJun 29, 2010
Examining a giant stone egg158 viewsmudmineJun 29, 2010

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Wedding PicturesEverthing nuptial from Philly to Denver.
Philly WeddingThe actual, legal, official, relatively low-rent marriage ceremony at City Hall, and various social events ensuing.
Denver WRPAThe Wedding-Related Program Activities at Boettcher Mountain, and associated program activities.
Life in Beijing
Beijing SightsPlaces we have visited in and around Beijing.
Beyond BeijingTrips to China and elsewhere from earlier this year, and from earlier in our lives.
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PhiladelphiaPictures of our former city, its environs, and friends therein.
Historical DocumentsPictures of us before we knew each other.
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