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Grand-Hammonds at EBH1757 viewsEBH is Sonja's amazing day care center. 8 kids, 2 teachers, and a host of wonderful interns and work-study students drawn from Meredith's child development majors. Plus, it's only a few hundred yards from Hilary's office on campus.mudmine
Sonja and Forrest blowing bubbles1746 viewsWell, she's not quite got the blowing part down yet. But she does seem to like eating the bubble stuff off of the wand. mudmine
Sonja and mom, relaxing in the den244 viewsmudmine
Sonja puts on some lip balm230 viewsmudmine
Our itinerary215 viewsAltogether the trip was about a week and a half: four days in Turkey followed by a week in Greece. We flew to Istanbul, took the train to Ankara and back to Istanbul, then flew to Athens. We drove to a number of places on the mainland and the Pelopponese, and then flew from Athens to Santorini, where we ended our trip.mudmine
Sonja and Beckett at snack time209 viewsmudmine
Bath goggles, version 1.0206 viewsThese are actually Hilary's swim goggles. They proved ineffective, so Sonja got her own pair later.mudmine
Beckett helps Sonja put on her bib204 viewsmudmine
Streets of Changsha, early morning199 viewsMany of the newer apartment complexes in Changsha had kind of a Jersey Shore vibe: lots of pastel colors and fancy beach house-looking buildings.mudmine
Acropolis the Areopagus198 viewsWe flew from Istanbul to Athens early in the morning, and so had the whole day to explore the city before meeting up with Hilary's parents back at our hotel in the evening. Our first stop was the Acropolis, which you can see in the distance of this photograph. The rocky outcrop from where this picture was taken is the Areopagus, where Paul preached to the Athenians c. 51 AD. In Ancient Athens, a group of city elders met at the Areopagus. Under the reforms of Solon (638 BC–558 BC), the Areopagus was intended, like the US Senate, as a counter-weight to the more democratic Assembly. As such it was the center of aristocratic power in the city, until the reforms of Ephialtes in 462 BC stripped it of all its powers save the right to try murder cases.mudmine
Sonja in hat and mittens198 viewsFor some reason--perhaps the 90-degree weather--hat and mittens are a popular play costume these days. mudmine
Joanna and the toddlers195 viewsmudmine
Sonja enjoying a snack at her table195 viewsmudmine
Examining a giant stone egg189 viewsmudmine
Joanna and Rowan189 viewsmudmine
Another smile for the camera188 viewsHow's this, paparazzo?mudmine
Checking out the otters174 viewsmudmine
Bathing with protective swim goggles165 viewsWater in the eyes is a leading cause of minor irritation! But then, no irritation is minor to a two-year-old.mudmine
Duelling tour guides in Danang158 viewsAfter Hoi An, Christine had to go back to Hanoi, so Hilary and I were left without local-language support for the next leg of our travel. We arranged with our hotel back in Hoi An for a car to Danang, where Christine would catch a plane to Hanoi and we would catch a bus to Bach Ma National Park. After seeing Christine off, we were dropped at this travel office, where there was no bus in sight and the employees did not speak any English, but managed to make it clear that they had no knowledge of any prior arrangements for our travel. So we called the hotel employee back in Hoi An, who spoke English fairly well, and had her talk to the travel agents. Eventually we were told that a bus would be by in a while. During our wait we had to fend off offers from other agents and guides (like the guy in the yellow striped shirt) who could not or would not understand that our plans were made.mudmine
Hilary cooking in the kitchen151 viewsYou can see some of what we've added to the apartment to make the small space more livable. 1 commentsmudmine
Floorplan of our apartment150 viewsThis gives some idea of the space we have and the furniture we've crammed into it. 1 commentsmudmine
Clive in cold weather146 viewsClive is definitely not a lap cat. At most he'll sit beside you for a while. But in cold weather, with no heat in the apartment yet, he has learned to seek out warm places. That can include a lap, although he never really gets comfortable there. But then he found that Hilary's notebook computer also puts out a fair amount of heat, so he could soak up some BTUs without sitting on anyone's lap.1 commentsmudmine
Clouds at sunset144 views2 commentsmudmine
Who else could make a hippo suit look sophisticated?141 viewsmudmine
post office at Beijing University137 viewsThis is the one in the foreign guesthouse, where they still put stamps on (unlike the university's main post office, where they just run the mail through a machine to stamp it).mudmine
Sonja and Hilary during the last days in the Baltimore Ave apartment136 viewsmudmine
Hilary enoying the deck (and some cider)134 viewsmudmine
Hilary in the kitchen133 viewsWhen we first moved in, we had our things from our previous Philadelphia apartment still in storage, so it was a little like camping indoors until our storage cube could be delivered. Once it was delivered, however, we had a great deal of difficulty finding a place for everything, and missed the simpler days before all our stuff showed up. 1 commentsmudmine
Clive soaking up some sun130 viewsThe apartment's west-facing windows let in lots of sun in the afternoons. 1 commentsmudmine
EB & Sonja, comedy duo130 views1 commentsmudmine
Neighboring row-houses123 viewsThis is taken from the deck looking north. mudmine
Clive in one of his hiding places122 viewsClive is an ultra-shy animal. The first thing he does in any new environment is find some dark place to hide. In this apartment one of his first choices was in the back of the bedroom closet.mudmine
Sejal and Hilary at brunch122 viewsOnce we had the place looking more-or-less presentable, we had some friends over for brunch. mudmine
Sonja shoots her dad122 viewsWith the camera, that is. mudmine
A workable living room, finally!120 viewsCompare this picture to the earlier one of piles of boxes in the same corner. The apartment is still too small for all the stuff we have in it at the moment, but it's slowly becoming a nice place to live. mudmine
Clive stretches out on the couch118 viewsOnce he gets used to a place (and the people in it), Clive can relax as well as any cat. mudmine
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