James Brown in a ski sweater

What do Frankie Avalon, Leslie Gore’s song “Sunshine, Lollipops and Rainbow’s Everywhere,” transvestism and James Brown have in common? They’re all featured in the 1965 movie Ski Party, that’s what. Frankie and co-star Dwayne Hickman disguise themselves as women to learn to ski, and get close to Deborah Walley and Yvonne Craig. The ski resort, as the movie poster says, is “Where the HE’s meet the SHE’s on SKIs”! Just as you start to think you’re in danger of snow-blindness from watching this movie, James Brown and the Famous Flames show up–in sweaters from the Pat Boone collection–and sing “I Feel Good.” Look, here’s proof:

James Brown in Ski Party

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At long last, more pictures up

A couple new galleries are up in the image mine, featuring visits from the Grand-Hammonds, environmental historians, and rampant toddler cuteness. We’ve also posted some new videos on the YouTube page, including the gem below.

We’re off to San Fran tomorrow, so we’ll have more pictures to share in a week or so.

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Milestones, of a sort

It dawned on me this morning that we might not be properly documenting some of the important events in Sonja’s early life. I don’t know if this counts as ‘documentation,’ but I hereby report that Sonja’s first word seems to be “uh-oh.” The day before yesterday we noticed that she was saying it regularly, and often in appropriate context, like when she purposely drops Cheerios from the table to the floor, or when she tips over the shoe rack near the front door.

She’s been using a few hand signs, however, for more than a month. Her first sign was “cat,” which she learned in December. The she learned to wave “hello” and “goodbye,” and began to use the “bird” sign. In the last few weeks she’s added “frog” (a current favorite), “eat,” “more,” “all done,” and (just this morning) “rabbit.”

She also does a lot of stuff that may be attempts to communicate something, but we have no idea what. For instance, she’ll sometimes slap both ears or the sides of her head while shaking her head back and forth. Perhaps she just likes to see what it sounds like, but it can look like frustration. Perhaps she’s bemoaning her fate at being stuck with such dull parents.

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New photos and videos (finally!)

After a long and inexcusable delay, photos from our holiday peregrinations, and from after our return to Raleigh, have been posted in the image mine. Also, we’ve posted several new videos on our YouTube page.

Sonja plays ping-pong

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Welcome to the White House, Mr. President.

Front page of Obama White House website

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