At long last, more pictures up

A couple new galleries are up in the image mine, featuring visits from the Grand-Hammonds, environmental historians, and rampant toddler cuteness. We’ve also posted some new videos on the YouTube page, including the gem below. We’re off to San Fran tomorrow, so we’ll have more pictures to share in a week or so.

Milestones, of a sort

It dawned on me this morning that we might not be properly documenting some of the important events in Sonja’s early life. I don’t know if this counts as ‘documentation,’ but I hereby report that Sonja’s first word seems to be “uh-oh.” The day before yesterday we noticed that she was saying it regularly, and… Continue reading Milestones, of a sort

New photos and videos (finally!)

After a long and inexcusable delay, photos from our holiday peregrinations, and from after our return to Raleigh, have been posted in the image mine. Also, we’ve posted several new videos on our YouTube page.

Snow day!

Our first snow day here in Raleigh! Classes at our respective colleges are canceled, so we’re all here at home, watching more snow fall. At least we’ll get to listen to the inauguration speech. The picture shows the view off our porch overlooking the lovely parking lot of the apartment complex. There’s maybe three or… Continue reading Snow day!