Annals of the imponderably vapid

Day & Night watchIf any more evidence was needed that parody of the useless lives of the intensely wealthy was impossible, consider this: An intricate Swiss watch that doesn’t tell time, for only $300,000. From Robert Frank’s “The Wealth Report” blog at the Wall Street Journal, we learn about Swiss watchmaker Romain Jerome’s new “Day & Night” watch. Quoting directly from their website:

World First–An exceptional timepiece that does not indicate the time! With no display for the hours, minutes or seconds the Day & Night offers a new way of measuring time, splitting the universe of time into two fundamentally opposing sections: day versus night. A new interpretation of Time based around two Tourbillons operating sequentially. The Day Tourbillon operates during the day, defining the wearer’s period of activity, and stops after twelve hours, handing over to the Night Tourbillon dedicated to man’s own private sphere.
An avant-garde approach, that is different and even disturbing.

Plus, giving a new twist to the term ‘Eurotrash,’ it’s made in part from metal salvaged from the Titanic. What grossly over-funded, under-brained, member of our ruling class could resist? The watches sold out within 48 hours. Disturbing, indeed.

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