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Philly to Raleigh


Last pictures from Philadelphia; first pictures from Raleigh. Includes a couple short movies of Sonja and her first bites of solid food.

56 files, last one added on Sep 02, 2008
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Daily life with baby Sonja (with movies!).

28 files, last one added on May 26, 2008
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Smiths II


Grandparents Smith visit for Hilary's graduation ceremony.

53 files, last one added on May 26, 2008
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Hammonds hit Phily


Grandparents Hammond visit Philadelphia (and, incidentally no doubt, baby Sonja) for the first time.

51 files, last one added on May 13, 2008
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Smith visits


Sonja meets the grandparents Smith.

29 files, last one added on Apr 20, 2008
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Sonja--The Early Days


Pictures of Sonja in numbers only grandparents could love.

65 files, last one added on Apr 09, 2008
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Cambridge & Edinburgh


40 files, last one added on Dec 26, 2007
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BH in the UK


47 files, last one added on Dec 26, 2007
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Budapest & Cambridge (again)


34 files, last one added on Dec 26, 2007
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Baltimore Ave Apartment


Our new place in Philadelphia

17 files, last one added on Oct 23, 2006
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Return to USA


Most of these pictures were taken by Jeremy, whom I met at LAX when I returned to the US on July 4. We drove together up to Idaho, stoping at every major national park we could get to.

126 files, last one added on Sep 02, 2006
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Last Days in Beijing


Pictures of our friends taken during the last few weeks we spent together in Beijing.

42 files, last one added on Sep 02, 2006
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Jeremy in Beijing


Photos from Jeremy's visit to Beijing, and the many and various activities therewith associated, including the Imperial Palace, the Temple of Heaven, and the Great Wall.

86 files, last one added on May 01, 2006
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Istanbul & Ankara


The first album of pictures from our trip to Turkey and Greece. We had only a few days in Turkey, but hit the major sites in Istanbul and had a very relaxing visit with a friend in Ankara.

84 files, last one added on Apr 30, 2006
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Athens to Meteora


From Istanbul we flew to Athens to meet up with Hilary's family, and together we drove up to Delphi, site of the ancient oracle, then further north to the amazing cliff-top monasteries of Meteora.

76 files, last one added on Apr 30, 2006
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Random files
Moon over caldera, Santorini49 viewsmudmine
Fountain-flower display in the main hall45 viewsmudmine
Beijing skyline of apartment buildings and office towers42 viewsLooking out over the park, the late sun gave a nice light to this piece of the Beijing skyline. The view is representative of much of Beijing--a collection of nearly identical concrete apartment complexes surrounding office towers designed in a style that strives, perhaps too mightily, to be modern.mudmine
82 viewsmudmine
Empress Dowager Cixi's Marble steamboat43 viewsAs you can see, the marble boat features side-paddles and, perhaps, some sort of marble steam engine as well. Thus, in frittering away the navy's modernization money on this marble monstronsity, the Empress may have at least complied with the letter of the law used to raise the modernization funds, if not its spirit.mudmine
20 viewsmudmine
Tomb near Hue39 viewsAll the imperial tombs outside of Hue consist of the same basic elements: a large courtyard in front with sculptures of animals and attendants lined up on either side, facing each other (see next photo), and a pavilion housing a stele inscribed with an account of the deceased's life and accomplishments.That's what pictured here. Most emperors left the inscription to later officials to compose, but Tu Duc (r. 1848-1883) thoughtfully provided his own, wanting to be sure nothing was left out.mudmine
66 viewsmudmine
Public health poster in Cat Ba town45 viewsWe saw many such posters everywhere we went in Vietnam, in addition to billboards promoting the Communist Party and its slogans. The Vietnamese Party seems to have a much more visible presence than the Chinese CP, at least as far as posters and billboards. I don't recall, however, seeing any armed guards or policemen, save for a few traffic cops. In China, on the other hand, army, police and security guards are quite thick on the ground. mudmine
3rd gate to the acropolis55 viewsThe tower on the left is Byzantine, and dates from the 10th century AD. The tower on the right dates from the ancient fortifications, built in the 3rd century BC. mudmine
Our new pad124 viewsIt's small, and the floors slant toward the door, but it's sunny and cozy. This is the view from the living room toward the door. mudmine
43 viewsmudmine

Last additions
Sonja and mom, relaxing in the den303 viewsmudmineJun 29, 2010
Sonja puts on some lip balm288 viewsmudmineJun 29, 2010
Sonja and Beckett at snack time254 viewsmudmineJun 29, 2010
Bath goggles, version 1.0253 viewsThese are actually Hilary's swim goggles. They proved ineffective, so Sonja got her own pair later.mudmineJun 29, 2010
Beckett helps Sonja put on her bib249 viewsmudmineJun 29, 2010
Sonja in hat and mittens243 viewsFor some reason--perhaps the 90-degree weather--hat and mittens are a popular play costume these days. mudmineJun 29, 2010
Another smile for the camera233 viewsHow's this, paparazzo?mudmineJun 29, 2010
Sonja enjoying a snack at her table240 viewsmudmineJun 29, 2010
Joanna and the toddlers240 viewsmudmineJun 29, 2010
Joanna and Rowan235 viewsmudmineJun 29, 2010
Checking out the otters220 viewsmudmineJun 29, 2010
Examining a giant stone egg235 viewsmudmineJun 29, 2010

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