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Fragrant Hills


The Fragrant Hills are a quick trip by public bus away from our apartment in Beijing (if the traffic is light). The hills are famous for their Fall colors, and they get terribly crowded when the leaves start to change. Luckily, we were there a little before that.

26 files, last one added on Dec 06, 2005
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EB in Beijing


EB's visit--the Beijing parts of it.

71 files, last one added on Nov 27, 2005
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EB in Shanxi


A trip to Shanxi province, west of Beijing. Includes cave carvings, a hanging temple, and one camel.

108 files, last one added on Nov 27, 2005
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Where We Live


Our neighborhood and our apartment in Beijing.

60 files, last one added on May 30, 2006
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Philadelphia Wedding

Pictures from the actual official legal part of the wedding, and the weekend of activities associated with it.

40 files, last one added on Nov 26, 2005
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Denver wedding

Photos from the ceremony at Boettcher Mountain and other wedding-related program activities.

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Pictures from our life in Philadelphia and our friends there.

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27 viewsmudmine
Inside the Tian family shrine46 viewsStone elephant, just inside Tian family shrine.mudmine
Cat Ba Island40 viewsThis was the view from the trail's destination--a viewpoint overlooking Cat Ba harbor.mudmine
serving up Korean-style sweets54 viewsThe guy in the middle, though you can't see it at the moment, is wielding an enormous wooden mallet, with which he pounds the grain into a paste.mudmine
105 viewsmudmine
Exterior of the mosque at Akrocorinth, with the fortress keep in the background44 viewsmudmine
Babi and stage56 viewsAt the end of this big stone courtyard is the raised stage where plays and operas were performed.mudmine
Sculpture at My Son42 viewsmudmine
Clouds on the ceiling45 viewsAnother view of the intricate wooden carving on the ceiling inside the temple.mudmine
My Son temples53 viewsmudmine
At the beach, Hoi An69 viewsSaleslady looks on uncomfortably as Christine prepares to eat an Asian pear browned by the refrigerator. It really stressed out the snack ladies on the beach to see us eat this pear with its ugly brown insides, and they tried strenuously to talk us out of it and save us from the inevitable stomachache that would follow. This particular snack saleswoman, by the way, had teeth completely blackened from betel nut. Apparently a lot of old people in the Vietnamese countryside chew betel nut, a stimulant. The black coating it gives their teeth is even supposed to have a protective function!mudmine
Pingyao city wall41 viewsPingyao has cottoned on to the fact that its city wall is very attractive to tourists from far and near. Most of the old stairways leading up to the wall are locked up, and they sell tickets for the (in China) exorbitant price of 120 yuan apiece to ascend at one of the main gates.mudmine

Last additions
Sonja and mom, relaxing in the den310 viewsmudmineJun 29, 2010
Sonja puts on some lip balm295 viewsmudmineJun 29, 2010
Sonja and Beckett at snack time260 viewsmudmineJun 29, 2010
Bath goggles, version 1.0259 viewsThese are actually Hilary's swim goggles. They proved ineffective, so Sonja got her own pair later.mudmineJun 29, 2010
Beckett helps Sonja put on her bib255 viewsmudmineJun 29, 2010
Sonja in hat and mittens249 viewsFor some reason--perhaps the 90-degree weather--hat and mittens are a popular play costume these days. mudmineJun 29, 2010
Another smile for the camera239 viewsHow's this, paparazzo?mudmineJun 29, 2010
Sonja enjoying a snack at her table246 viewsmudmineJun 29, 2010
Joanna and the toddlers246 viewsmudmineJun 29, 2010
Joanna and Rowan241 viewsmudmineJun 29, 2010
Checking out the otters226 viewsmudmineJun 29, 2010
Examining a giant stone egg241 viewsmudmineJun 29, 2010

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Wedding PicturesEverthing nuptial from Philly to Denver.
Philly WeddingThe actual, legal, official, relatively low-rent marriage ceremony at City Hall, and various social events ensuing.
Denver WRPAThe Wedding-Related Program Activities at Boettcher Mountain, and associated program activities.
Life in Beijing
Beijing SightsPlaces we have visited in and around Beijing.
Beyond BeijingTrips to China and elsewhere from earlier this year, and from earlier in our lives.
United States
PhiladelphiaPictures of our former city, its environs, and friends therein.
Historical DocumentsPictures of us before we knew each other.
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