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EB & Sonja, comedy duo148 views1 commentsmudmine04/30/08 at 08:39vanettaj: April babies are a lot of fun!
Clouds at sunset166 views2 commentsmudmine11/15/06 at 18:49Guest_Shiying Wu: Me too.
Clive in cold weather165 viewsClive is definitely not a lap cat. At most he'll sit beside you for a while. But in cold weather, with no heat in the apartment yet, he has learned to seek out warm places. That can include a lap, although he never really gets comfortable there. But then he found that Hilary's notebook computer also puts out a fair amount of heat, so he could soak up some BTUs without sitting on anyone's lap.1 commentsmudmine11/15/06 at 18:46Guest_Shiying Wu: 建议要孩子之前猫应该请到别的地方,哈哈!
Clive soaking up some sun146 viewsThe apartment's west-facing windows let in lots of sun in the afternoons. 1 commentsmudmine11/15/06 at 03:13Guest_bubbly: Somebody actually painted this picture once...
Clouds at sunset166 views2 commentsmudmine11/15/06 at 03:12Guest_Anon: I had these same clouds outside my window just las...
Hilary cooking in the kitchen171 viewsYou can see some of what we've added to the apartment to make the small space more livable. 1 commentsmudmine11/13/06 at 08:06Guest_chen ming: What a beautiful house!
Floorplan of our apartment171 viewsThis gives some idea of the space we have and the furniture we've crammed into it. 1 commentsmudmine11/05/06 at 05:12Guest_DaveThom: Wow, great drawing skillz! Love the cross-hatched...
Hilary in the kitchen151 viewsWhen we first moved in, we had our things from our previous Philadelphia apartment still in storage, so it was a little like camping indoors until our storage cube could be delivered. Once it was delivered, however, we had a great deal of difficulty finding a place for everything, and missed the simpler days before all our stuff showed up. 1 commentsmudmine11/04/06 at 18:26Guest_KG=Denver: I love the pictures of Clive. I think this place ...
Hagia Sophia early in the morning128 viewsWe had to catch the first trolley to the airport the morning we left, and snapped this picture on the way.1 commentsmudmine05/08/06 at 09:06Guest_Denver: Great photos. Dicey weather, but it made for great...
Hilary (right) and weird statue104 viewsHilary says: I am a little embarrassed about this photo, as I had just been discussing Chinese museum visitors' habits with an anthropologist friend. She had been saying that obviously Chinese museum visitors were socialized differently from Americans because they were taking silly photos of themselves with the exhibits, even touching them, as if they were at some kind of amusement park. And here I am in a silly photo with a piece of art. 1 commentsmudmine01/26/06 at 19:43Guest_Calamity Kid: Oh my god! They're still here!
Wrapped painting96 viewsThis painting, by a British artist, was so well-rendered three dimensions, that it was difficult to believe it was a flat canvas. Very skillful.1 commentsmudmine01/26/06 at 19:42Guest_Calamity Kid: Ooh! Creepy!
Close-up of the statue91 views1 commentsmudmine01/26/06 at 19:38Guest_Calamity: Obviously this is proof of extra-territrial visita...
Tourists going native90 viewsThe tourist trade is definitely a big business in Fenghuang. The town doesn't appear in Western tour guides, like Lonely Planet, but gets a lot of Chinese tourists. We were there in the off-season, but there were still a few tour groups following flag-waving guides around town, and small merchants selling Miao fabrics and jewelry, or, as in this photo, the chance to be photographed wearing imitations of traditional Miao garments, were still plying their trade along the riverside.1 commentsmudmine01/25/06 at 03:07Guest_Eli: Looks like a cool place.
All that's left at the Mawangdui site116 viewsChangsha, Hunan1 commentsmudmine01/25/06 at 03:05Guest_Eli: Isn't that a great museum?
Fenghuang, early evening view84 views1 commentsmudmine01/23/06 at 21:53Guest_Eli: Great picture!
Subway II101 views1 commentsmudmine12/24/05 at 08:13Guest_cortney: you all took some great photos! really, they make...
Hilary and her Chinese namesake, Sima Qian81 viewsSima Qian is recognized as one of the first great Chinese historians. Hilary--aka Sima Lei--was named after him in her first Chinese class. Was it an accident, or Fate?1 commentsmudmine12/24/05 at 08:12Guest_cortney: fate!
Cortney meets nondescript western woman75 viewsThe bluriness of the photo gives you some idea of just how much *action* there was in the wax museum that day! 1 commentsmudmine12/24/05 at 08:11Guest_cortney: it!
Cortney and the first Han Emperor, Wudi80 viewsThe National Museum has a gallery of wax figures from Chinese history. The hat that looks like part of a bird cage is actually a mortar board with strings of beads. This is Cortney's favorite Emperor, probably because of his taste in haberdashery.1 commentsmudmine12/24/05 at 08:10Guest_cortney: awesome! i was so sorry i forgot my compact flash...
Foot massage98 viewsMost uncomfortable meant-to-be-comfortable chairs ever.1 commentsmudmine12/24/05 at 08:09Guest_cortney: now i want a chinese foot massage!
Hilary disputes with wax Kangxi78 viewsKangxi emperor (reigned 1662-1722) loved to debate with visiting scholars, such as the Jesuits. I can only imagine that the non-wax Kangxi was a little more interesting.1 commentsmudmine12/24/05 at 08:02Guest_cortney: i think this picture is super neat! wonder who to...
View of the Fragrant Hills86 viewsTaken from the small hall on South Lake Island. You can also see the Jade Belt Bridge on the opposite shore of the lake.1 commentsmudmine12/21/05 at 07:46Guest_Anon: Lovely. More people should be looking at these pic...
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