When BH opened one of the packages of sandwich crackers he’d brought home from the supermarket a few days ago, I knew something was amiss. He’s generally much readier to try new foods than I am, but instead of popping the little cracker sandwich in his mouth, he sniffed at it suspiciously, opened it up,… Continue reading Yum.

Requiem for the receipt store

Not far from where we live is a grocery/odds and ends/clothing store housed in a giant warehouse. Its English name is the “High Honesty Supermarket;” its Chinese name is “Chinese people’s supermarket (华人超市),” and we call it the receipt store. It is a typical Chinese department store, in that every section is overstaffed with three… Continue reading Requiem for the receipt store

The gold farm upstairs

I think our upstairs neighbors might be running one of those video game sweatshops that are popping up all over China. Every morning around 10 am the unbearably repetitive background music (alternating between two base notes, over and over again) of what one assumes is some kind of action game starts up, and continues until… Continue reading The gold farm upstairs