About This Site

I created this site because of the lack of good online information about Raleigh City parks available from the city itself. The raleigh.gov Website is loaded with lots of good information, but they don't have a good map of their parks and a comprehensive list (save for a downloadable PDF) of the facilities available at each park. This site is meant to remedy those shortcomings.

At the moment, this site is limited to Raleigh City parks. Eventually, county, state and federal parks will be listed here, too.

Where does the information on this site come from?

Principally from the City of Raleigh publication Leisure Ledger, which lists (in a somewhat confusing manner) all the parks in Raleigh, their facilities, and the many programs offered at them.

This site in no way seeks to duplicate all the information available in the Leisure Ledger and at the Raleigh Parks and Recreation website. But for a quick guide to what you can do at Raleigh parks, this site will probably do.

I have done my best to ensure that all the information provided here is accurate, but no guarantee is given or implied.

What are other sources of information about parks in Wake County?