Ta: the early weeks

We’ve been remiss, I think, in baby-related posting. So here, by way of partial recompense, is the first series of ultrasounds of the soon-to-be-born Ta. These pictures, from Ta’s 35th week, feature the most the most recognizable features. In the more recent ones, the little kid is too large to fit in the ultrasound’s field of vision, so all you see are blobs in various shades of gray. Ultrasound technicians can point out what’s in each picture, but without them, the pictures are very abstract. Ta ultrasound 1Ta ultrasound 2Ta ultrasound 1

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  1. Actually, these ultrasounds are from Week 13, I think. We got two sets of ultrasounds in the first half of the pregnancy, both pretty clear images of what appears to be an Actual Human Being in the making. By contrast, the ones we got at Week 29 were just gray clouds and stardust. Seeing a baby in them requires either training in ultrasonography or a wild imagination.

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