Snippets of conversation I overheard on the way home from work the other day:

A young woman dressed in black pants and black t-shirt was talking on her cell phone. She said “It’s just that I worry about the transmission… the transmission of certain viruses, you know?” Her tone of voice rose at the word ‘viruses,’ like it was a question.

Two African-American women were sitting on the front porch of a house. One of them had a notebook computer open on her lap. They were asking another woman what time it was, but she was talking to someone in a double-parked car and didn’t hear the question, even when it was repeated. “It’s six o’clock,” I told them as I passed by. They both laughed and said “Thank you!” in unison. This finally got the attention of the woman talking to the person in the car and she turned toward the porch. “We were asking you what time it was,” one of the women on the porch said. “Oh,” the other woman replied, “I’m sorry. I’m in my own little world here. You know I’ve been doing that sleep study.”