Post-Halloween sugar hangover

There are many families with young kids in this neighborhood, and we were expecting troops of trick-or-treaters. But alas, only three visits last night, totaling seven costumed candy-grubbers. I feel bad I was so miserly in doling out the chocolate bars and Jolly Ranchers. Now, of course, I’m eating them all.

Sonja was a black cat for Halloween, though we left her hat in our car which, unexpectedly, was still at the mechanics on Friday. But Hilary fashioned a very clever substitute by cutting up a foam rubber door bumper into some cat ears and sewing them onto the detachable hood of one of Sonja’s jackets.

There is a video of Sonja in her cat suit (sans hat, unfortunately) up on YouTube, and a couple others of Sonja playing with her new doll. Sonja’s getting quite good at putting words together, and seems to enjoy telling you about things that happened to during her day. Last week when I picked her up at day care, she told me how she had bumped her head on the door frame, and later hit her chin. As she was saying “head hurt sad” and “chin hurt sad” she demonstrated by leaning first her head and then her chin against the door frame.

Sonja helps her doll clap its hands