Snow day!

Our first snow day here in Raleigh! Classes at our respective colleges are canceled, so we’re all here at home, watching more snow fall. At least we’ll get to listen to the inauguration speech. The picture shows the view off our porch overlooking the lovely parking lot of the apartment complex. There’s maybe three or four inches on the ground so far, and an accumulation of up to six inches is predicted. I don’t know when it last snowed in Raleigh. According to the NOAA, Raleigh averages about 7.5 inches of snow a year, but that figure includes sleet and ice, which don’t count as ‘snow’ to me. According to Raleigh “weather consultant” Allan Huffman, the last time Raleigh received more than six inches was February 2004. In January 2002 the city got almost 11 inches, and in January 2000 an astonishing 20 inches of snow fell on the City of Oaks.