When BH opened one of the packages of sandwich crackers he’d brought home from the supermarket a few days ago, I knew something was amiss. He’s generally much readier to try new foods than I am, but instead of popping the little cracker sandwich in his mouth, he sniffed at it suspiciously, opened it up, and touched his tongue to the filling ever so tentatively. “What’s wrong?” I asked, thinking maybe it was a cream filling that had gone bad.
“I can’t figure out what flavor this is,” he replied, “and it’s very strange.”
“Let me see that package.”
The wrapping, with images of the crackers themselves on a plain red background, gives no graphic hint at what you’re eating: no shining oranges or bananas exploding out of their skins or honeybees dancing happily. Only a Chinese reader would know, before tearing open the package, the crackers’ special secret:
In other words, the pinkish-orange frosting spread between the crackers is: ham and cheese flavor. Mmm.