Book Report

One of my goals for 2016 was to read more books. I had the very low target of at least one a month, not counting boring stuff I read for work (like, Advanced Web Metrics or The Discipline of Content Strategy; real page turners, I assure you). Here are some non-work titles I managed to… Continue reading Book Report

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Post-Halloween sugar hangover

There are many families with young kids in this neighborhood, and we were expecting troops of trick-or-treaters. But alas, only three visits last night, totaling seven costumed candy-grubbers. I feel bad I was so miserly in doling out the chocolate bars and Jolly Ranchers. Now, of course, I’m eating them all. Sonja was a black… Continue reading Post-Halloween sugar hangover

New pictures (at last)

Sorry to be so late with these. Since my last post, we took a trip to Idaho, bought a house and moved, took a trip to Denver for Hilary’s sister’s wedding, and have not really had much time or energy for anything other than working (which, alas, we have to do), cooking, eating, and chasing… Continue reading New pictures (at last)

More baby pictures

We put some hanging plants on our deck to welcome spring, and a couple weeks ago discovered that a pair of house finches have built a nest in our fuchsia. This weekend the eggs hatched. I didn’t want to disturb them, so took only a single quick photo. I don’t know how common this is,… Continue reading More baby pictures