Annals of the imponderably vapid

If any more evidence was needed that parody of the useless lives of the intensely wealthy was impossible, consider this: An intricate Swiss watch that doesn’t tell time, for only $300,000. From Robert Frank’s “The Wealth Report” blog at the Wall Street Journal, we learn about Swiss watchmaker Romain Jerome’s new “Day & Night” watch.… Continue reading Annals of the imponderably vapid

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Every fur tells a story

One of the best things about flying is the in-flight magazine–the schlocky voice of corporate marketing and upscale hub-city businesses trying to attract some tourist clientèle. It’s always an odd mix of high prices and low class. From a recent issue of W!ld Blue Yonder, the in-flight magazine of Frontier airlines, comes the ad at… Continue reading Every fur tells a story

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How now, gao kao

So this past week nearly 9 million Chinese teenagers participated in the closest thing to a national rite of passage that China has these days: the gao kao. That’s the nation-wide standardized college entrance exam, a grueling two-day exercise that tests everything from a student’s knowledge of advanced physics to her familiarity with, say, the… Continue reading How now, gao kao