The proper care of seedlings

I was recently re-reading the ca. 4th-century BC collection of advice and admonitions attributed to the Chinese philosopher Mencius. When I came across the following famous passage, parenthood made me see it in a new light: You must not be like the man from Sung. There was a man from Sung who pulled at his… Continue reading The proper care of seedlings

Bedtime for baby

Between 7 and 10 pm (usually not that entire time), Sonja enters what Babi calls her fugue state, or Sonja Jekyll and Sonja Hyde. One minute she’s laughing, the next she’s crying hysterically, and then back to smiling, etc. This repeats with growing intensity until she finally gives it up for the night and falls… Continue reading Bedtime for baby

This fleeting, precious time

Tomorrow Sonja will be ten weeks old. At some point, I suppose, we will stop counting weeks and start counting months. If the other ladies at Mommy and Me yoga are any indication, the time is coming soon. It seems like everyone with a baby older than four months refers to her child’s age in… Continue reading This fleeting, precious time

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Waiting for kidot

So we’re in the middle of Week 39 now, rapidly cruising towards D-Day. It’s funny how everyone treats you like a bomb that’s about to go off when you show up to things a few days before your due date. When I went to a friend’s dissertation defense yesterday morning, people seemed astonished: “You made… Continue reading Waiting for kidot


Waddling home from the Supreme Shop-n-Bag last weekend, B and H encounter a panhandler in a wheelchair. P: Hey guys, can you help me out? B and H: Sorry, not today. P (observing the waddle): What’re you having, hon, a boy or a girl? H: We don’t know yet. P: Oh. But when it comes… Continue reading Umbrage